Getting Pixel Gun 3D Guide Is Easy Now

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The new version of the pixel gun 3d has more monsters that you need to encounter. You need the appropriate firearms to attack them. Use the coins you get from pixel gun 3d guide to equip yourself with the best firearms.

Since you have to fight hordes of enemies in the upgraded version, you need to have a well-thought-out strategy. Select the weapons you think can help you. Use the pixel gun 3d hack devices to get weapons ranging from the heavy axes to the best laser rifles and machine guns.

The new game has a multiplayer component where you can battle against other people. This is how you start the multiplayer mode that has much to offer.

To start off the multiplayer or the cooperative match you need some time. However, you do not need more than a minute, and you do not require paying anything. You just have to go to the main menu and choose the multiplayer option. In this mode, you can play against opponents, up to seven in number, and there you can participate in the winner-takes- all matches. You can also play the team battle, where you get coins as part of winning team. The pixel gun 3d guide suggests playing the match in the time survival mode, provided you have the high capacity guns with you. This game fetches the largest number of coins for the top scorers.

It is better to use the sophisticated weapons in the multiplayer game. But if you are playing this mode for the first time, you can use the pixel gun to your advantage.  Here are a few tips on using the pixel gun correctly.

Always aim the weapon at the head of the opponent. This causes around two to three times more damage. Use this strategy only if the target is moving sideways, or is moving at a slow pace. Here is how to play pixel gun 3d with the rifle. Do not stand still with the primary rifle in hand. This provides the enemy an opportunity to kill you. Use the coins you earn in the online game to buy the AK47 that comes with a great ammunition pack. You may also shop for melee weapons that can cause much more damage to your opponents.

There is a multiplicity of firearms to choose from. Your choice should depend on your opposition in the game and your requirements. Here are few other weapons you can choose from, by your needs.

If you want to reach a place in a large map swiftly, carrying large weapons like the Armageddon reduces mobility. You can move faster if you switch over to the melee or secondary weapons, like the Anti-Gravity Blaster. When you decide to purchase the melee weapons, obtain the Skeleton Sword. You can upgrade this weapon to the Fire Demon that is capable of causing extensive damage. The pixel gun 3d tips suggests that you buy the Golden Eagle if you are looking for firearms that can shoot well. The Fast Death or the Elite Rifles are ideal when you are looking for weapons with speed. If you are a beginner, playing the match using a pixel gun, it is always advisable to play in the campaign mode first. Moving through the campaign mode, you get to know the game mechanics. Success in the mode earns you the Alien Gun that you can have throughout the game, and use it when playing the multiplayer alternative.